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Matthew Todd is the founder of Fluent Forward, a business that specialises in helping contractors & freelancers scale into a consulting model, gain product clarity, and grow their businesses.


If you are tired of going contract to contract, working with one client at a time, but not sure how to develop the right business model and structure for you then let's chat. You don't need to hire staff to have a more scalable business. We just need to work out how to best leverage your time and skills and put the right model in place.

Recent Projects

Transforming Freelance & Consulting Businesses We work with you as a business owner, regardless of whether you are a solo practitioner going from contract to contract with just one client at a time, or whether you already have a client based, small team and are looking for growth. We understand your business needs and help you achieve real value, return on investment and growth. Our unique people-first approach will transform your business.



The fastest and most cost effective contract engagement process