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Experienced software developer based in Cardiff providing software development services within the South Wales / Bristol / Gloucester regions specialising in Java solutions across a range of domains. Solutions provided have overwhelmingly been provided using Java – from version 4 to version 8 with knowledge of version 9 onwards, across legacy code and modern architectures such as microservices. A range of database have also been used from Postgres to Oracle along with wrapping technologies such as JPA and Hibernate, not to mention Spring Data JPA. Modern frameworks such as Spring have been extensively used alongside modern methodologies such as Agile ( Scrum and Kanban ), TDD and BDD. Client size has ranged from small through to large companies across the South Wales, Bristol and Gloucester regions; Warnett Consulting Ltd is comfortable in all sizes of business. Warnett Consulting Ltd is extremely comfortable working on legacy code and greenfield sites alike. Modern systems and indeed legacy systems all benefit from a focus upon testing; this is critical in a Continuous Integration / Delivery environment. Warnett Consulting Ltd has relevant experience ranging from TDD/TBD to Jenkins to Code Coverage and Quality tools. Warnett Consulting Ltd also has experience of all manner of enterprise solutions, from standard J2EE monolithic applications through to modern microservice based RESTful APIs.


Professional Java solution development. Analyse and evaluation of legacy code solutions, to provide framework for uplifting. Code reviews, analysis of dev practices.

Recent Projects

Provided PoC software implementing various parsing options ( DOM, STaX, XSD/XJC ) for retrieving data from an XML file also containing XHTML. Designed domain model and techniques for converting raw data into the domain model. Retrieved, parsed and tidied the internal XHTML using JSoup. Provided necessary performance timings, identified future potential issues and roadmap going forwards. Provided appropriate tests for the PoC. PoC coded using Java 8, JSoup, DOM and Stax.



Services provided have been across sectors, no speciality.

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