​Recruiter? Referrer? Introducer? Broker? Networker? You decide

What do we mean?

Do you have a network of contacts? 6prog consultants often register as recruiters too! You may be an inhouse partner helping the business to find consultants. Importantly, your network has value to clients. Control your hours, fees, and you can write your own success story.

Manage your own time. Create your profile and share it with businesses who know you. Accept offers of work on agreed terms. Choose your hours and decide how hard to drive yourself.

​Do you identify with these success stories?


Michelle left her job in recruitment last year to bring up a family. Now that Anna is in nursery 15 hours a week, Michelle can get paid for recommending members from her network in 6prog.


​Geoffrey retired from his career as a programme manager last year. When he is not playing golf he logs into 6prog and recommends contacts to 6prog members for a small fee. Those green fees aren’t cheap.


​Jas used to commute to the City daily and do long days recruiting for banks. Now he travels up to network in hours he chooses and enjoys the freedom of using 6prog’s online paperwork system to focus on networking.


​Adam is a freelance designer. He is always getting asked for quality recommendations and now uses 6prog to give them a financial value.


​Trushar is a freelance project manager but currently working abroad. When asked for his availability for work he refers contacts via 6prog.

​Laurent, Emma and Anton

​Laurent, Emma and Anton run a small recruitment business together and winning business with major clients is easier through 6prog.

Nadia and Dave

​Nadia and Dave met at a major recruitment firm. After travelling they settled down. With a young family they share a profile – whoever isn’t on parent duty, logs into 6prog.

​Clear Communication, Clear Payments

​The 6prog Dashboard allows you to respond to requests, discuss project requirements and agree introduction fees. 6prog invoices automatically when a consultant starts a project. Service fees of 3% deducted from payments made 30 days from commencement.

Clear Communication

Some 6prog businesses are teams who already work together.
They pool their collective networks and share the profits.