​6prog Project Manager Benefits

​Save Time - Paperwork Online

“An uncluttered desk means a clear and productive mind”

6prog service is online. This includes the contract agreements, timesheets and invoices, and identity verification.

When a timesheet is entered by a freelancer you can respond online or from the app. Invoices are sent automatically and faster paid invoices mean happier, more productive freelancers.

If you need a freelancer but do not yet have them in your address book the recruiters are available to help. Turn around time and fees are agreed in advance so you can move faster than traditional recruitment models.

​6prog puts you in charge. Engage a freelancer directly via your contacts list and social networks including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Each agreement is set up in a straightforward manner pertaining to the duration, budget, milestones and personnel. Personnel can be verified using the inbuilt pre employment screening as required. Once you have completed the details, the agreements are electronically signed so the project can start.

When you sign in in future you will be presented with a dashboard listing all projects, associates' deliverables and the freelancers engaged in each. Simple tools to extend the project are available online and 'in app'.

Save Money– with low transaction fees

​6prog believes in fair charging policies. Members pay a low transaction fee of 3%. This enables 6prog to provide the best gateway for project managers, freelancers and recruiters to maximise project spend.

​Network – a unique way to pay for freelance recruitment

When a ​Project Manager does not already have a freelancer in mind to take on a project the 6prog network is a logical next step.

Feedback from recruiters is that a fixed fee paid for work done is much preferred to a squeezed margin paid over a number of months. Recruiters also provide a turnaround time which is part of the deal. Project Managers can choose a recruiter based on market knowledge, availability and cost. Once the recruiter has reviewed their contacts and referred the best available freelancers, the Project Manager has open and direct communication with the freelancer to assess, select and onboard.

For Project Managers, knowing that they can discuss business directly with a freelancer is very valuable. It is also possible for Project Managers to allocate more of their budget towards the freelancers doing the work.

You no longer have to chase external staff or suppliers to find out information such as end date or day rate. It is all available on mobile or desktop in the Dashboard

Clear communication

The 6Prog Dashboard shows project members the status and updates to the engagement. As an ongoing support tool, timesheets and invoices are created, raised and shared using automation techniques and payments are tracked to give complete peace of mind.

The chat box enables ​project managers and freelancers to keep on top of the virtual paper trail eliminating the traditional issue of misinterpretation when communication goes via multiple channels.

​Agreed something with your freelancer? ​Keep it simple – add it to the dashboard!