Create a milestone based contract in 6 minutes

​Choose the best team for your project

6prog is an on demand platform for your business. Curate a list of suppliers who can help you deliver your programmes. The service fee of 3% is lower than your agency margin.

6prog will allocate an account manager who will connect you with your past top performing consultants.

Joining 6prog not only gives you access to a community of experts. It provides proposals, projects, meetings, chat, status tracking, milestones, acceptance criteria, timesheets, and invoices, all in an easy to navigate dashboard.

​Your private curated supplier list: Search Community

​Agile Statements of Work

Each project is set up easily and includes the duration, budget, deliverables, milestones and acceptance criteria. It takes under 6 minutes to build. Then select one or more suppliers to discuss.
Agreements are electronically signed on DocuSign.

Your dashboard lists all projects, associated deliverables and the freelancers engaged. Agile statement of work creation is perfect for supporting your needs and your suppliers. This also means 6prog helps to be 'IR35 friendly'.

Your legal team can be at ease too. 6prog manages GDPR for you.

We lower your project cost

​We believe in being fair. We will never charge you a fee for creating projects or viewing proposals. We won't charge you to create a bank of suppliers that fit your business. We won't charge you a training fee, an onboarding fee, a licence fee or any other barrier that will help you to work with your suppliers. You only pay a service fee of 3% which is added to the invoice.

Your suppliers will love this. When compared to the traditional recruitment and consultancy model where there is a 10-50% mark-up on the actual cost of the supplier delivering the work. You'll love it because you can maximise your budget.
6prog is the best gateway for businesses to maximise project spend.

Confused about IR35? 6prog will help!


Having a manual IR35 contract assessment is an excellent way of demonstrating that you have operated ‘due diligence’ in determining whether you operate outside of IR35 or not. This can reduce the risk of penalties being applied if your status is subsequently challenged by HMRC. IR35 contract assessments are reviewed by one of our experienced IR35 specialists, who have a wealth of experience in dealing with status enquiries.


​We provide IR35 status reviews using the award-winning Kingsbridge Status Tool, which is exclusive to us. At this time, we are the only IR35 solution provider combining an automated review process with in-house consultancy support for borderline cases to give you the most accurate IR35 result and guidance available.

Clear communication

6prog shows project owners the status and updates to the engagement. As an ongoing support tool, milestone submission and approval or timesheets are integrated, and tracked to give complete peace of mind.

The chat window enables ​team members to discuss the project and we have a slack channel for watercooler moments.
Agreed something new with the consultant? ​Keep it simple - add it to the project or create a new scope of work.

Statement of Work
Seamlessly move your proposals and projects into legally binding SoW using 6prog and DocuSign