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I’m transferring to 6prog from a consultancy - what can I expect?

“Land and expand” is the chant of every top tier consultancy and you can hear it even before you open the first presentation sent in… sorry, this is perhaps a little unfair of me. Anecdotally though entirely true.

The task of any consultant is to create and win business. Their annual target includes ‘business introduced’ so what would you expect any recommendations after the project to be? ‘You don’t need any more help’ is rarely the answer.

So, by moving to 6prog sourced suppliers, you will lose the concept of working with consultants whose purpose (apart from doing a good job - and they usually do) is to win more work from you. No bad thing.

Cost savings are obvious. The average fee from a consultancy will include payment for a large swish office and various client events through the year. This is quite nice and all of us have enjoyed being wined and dined. Personally though, I’d prefer to source consultants myself and pocket the savings to spend on my own business and staff.

Sometimes overlooked is the continuity and time dedicated onsite. What I mean is that consultants from the big firms have training and internal meetings to undertake too. They are allocated to you on a full time basis but need to squeeze in a day or so per week (average) for internal training and other meetings. You probably won’t be charged but that’s not the point - you don’t want the delays.

You may even have personnel swapped mid project. Not necessarily a direct cost issue but a handover is never seamless and you should expect delays from personnel changes mid project.

One point that bothers me (and many people I expect) is when a consultancy outsources the work to a freelance consultant. If I wanted to Hire a freelancer I would have done it myself. The fees are hidden but from some cursory conversations it would appear you are paying about double what the consultant’s company is paid. So a £2000 a day cost of a consultancy badged consultant is actually hiding a £1000 mark up in price. There are reasons why the consultant may be happy with this - additional support etc, but really, is it worth x2?

So, to summarise, taking control of your suppliers who are working in your programmes will give you transparency of cost and lower cost. It will give you ownership of outcomes and consistency of personnel. It will give you focussed consultants who are paid on delivery, who have your interests at heart. Impartial advice ‘can’ come cheap. Don’t be tricked into paying more for branded advice.

These are also reasons why we started 6prog.

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