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I’m transferring to 6prog from an agency - what savings can I expect?

Great question.

A contract agency will work on the basis that there is no cost at all apart from a margin if they are successful in sourcing a contractor.

What service level should I expect?

You can expect the agency to carry out some filtering though you cannot expect the agency to interview for you. They will be covering a number of industries and/or skills and therefore be unable to assess suitability for your firm. You should expect a reasonable shortlist though and agencies certainly save you the in reviewing applications from wildly inappropriate people. Agencies also protect you from multiple pitches. That is to say you can simply ignore any approaches and state they must go through your preferred agency/agencies.

In terms of cold hard cash?

A typical contract agency will charge a minimum fee (this will be around £75 per day) or a percentage of 12 and above. The recruiter themselves is probably on a commission/ bonus scheme so the bigger the difference between the contractor rate and the client rate the better for them. OR the margin with the client is fixed which means the recruiter will encourage the contractors who have higher rates - the higher the number, the higher the value of the margin.
Other issues arise … if the recruiter can put forward a less experienced contractor at a lower value they can maximise the potential margin.
The real question here is ‘what pressures are the recruiter working to?’ Reputation pressure - positive. Pressure from agency boss to hit a target to earn extra fees from a deal… not so positive. Pressure to deal with ‘more valuable’ clients.
Negotiated a good margin up front? You may be bottom of the recruiter’s priorities list.

What savings will I get moving to 6prog?

Time You can work when you are ready, not just when the agency is ready or between 9-5 weekdays


You can expect to save £60 per day. Obviously more is likely and because of the clear and open pricing model no party feels ‘ripped off’


You can see the fees. Everyone on pays a 3% service charge. You set the project value and both parties are charged equally.


Clients can control the contract length and work on agile deliverables and use the supplier as the work demands. Agencies will try and talk you into long contracts. Suppliers can commit to work that is predictable and understood.


Clear help to create project work leading to an outside IR35 working relationship will save the concern over additional costs. Group

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These are also reasons why we started 6prog.

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