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Indeez exclusive COVID-19 insurance provided by Chubb

We understand that this year must have been tough for you at times. Being a self-employed comes with a lot of benefits. However, we also understand that in times of a global pandemic, you might feel pressure. Today, we hope we can lift some of that pressure off you.

We're very excited to let you know that, starting today, 6Prog has partnered with Indeez to offer you an exclusive COVID-19 insurance provided by Chubb, tailored to your personal needs as an independent worker.

  • A one time payment of 11.99GBP
  • Insured for 3 months
  • Covers income loss due to an Corona infection, with up to £6,000 coverage

We hope this adds value to your experience with 6Prog and helps you through these difficult times.

Of course, 6Prog does not earn any money with it - we wanted to support you in this difficult times which is our promise to you.

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How does the insurance work?

The insurance covers for your financial losses in case you get tested positive to COVID-19

What is covered?

For a payment of only £11.99 you are insured for 3 months and get the following compensation in case of a COVID-19 infection: In the event of Hospitalisation - Daily benefit £300 (up to £3,000 eligibility) and in case of ICU - eligible for a lump sum of £6,000.

How can I book?

The booking process is extremely easy. Simply click the above link and follow the booking steps.