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Case Study by Djordje Popovic of Javing


One of the most recent challenges was in the period between December 2018 and February 2020. Javing was engaged to help Babylon, the the company of the entrepreneur and visionary Ali Parsa to build help in the development of the GP at Hand application back end system. At the time this was Babylon's flagship product and the highest priority for them.


Joined and helped in the development of Java software for a large back end micro services system that would enable doctors to remotely carry out a patient consultation. Javing helped in the development of many features, also contributed a lot to the improvement of the quality of existing code and had a big impact on the improvement of the Agile practices and mentoring within the teams that had involvement with.


The outcome was a happy customer and a renovation of the initial 6 months contract. Javing in total helped Babylon for over 1 year. Today the GP at hand is one of the most successful Babylon's products and it is also widely popular and available among many NHS practices all accross the UK.

What aspect of the project are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the improvements on software quality and how it was achieved while at the same time having to deliver within a tight deadline. The positive impact Javing made in the aspect of Agile was also very noticeable and many new practices and techniques were incorporated.


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