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He's Back - It's Adam Shaw The Heart Guy | NEWS

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After a lot of soul-searching I have decided to move into an area that I am very familiar with: The World of Funding.

Having Co-Founded ACE Funding back in 2014 and working with companies looking for investment, I became very aware of the mistakes that people made when approaching investors for funding. I am now going back into this arena to help companies who are helping the planet to become better, cleaner, more sustainable place to live, to raise money.

I'll also be looking into projects aligned with connecting communities and helping those less advantaged.

About Adam

I am a life-long Liverpool football club fan. It comes from having an Irish dad! So despite COVID, this year has had significant positives for me.

I also like walking in the country. It's good for the soul and a great wellbeing/mental health intervention. Before I went into training consultancy and funding, I used to run local walkshops where I would send people out walking in groups to gain insight into what made them feel better.

One day I may well do this again as it's often the most simple things that are the most profound.

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