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Guest post : Tips and Resources for Expanding Your Client List During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Are you expanding your existing list of clients or embarking on a new career path amid the coronavirus pandemic?

If so, this helpful guide is for you. To assist you in finding reliable clients for a long and successful freelance career in fields such as teaching, marketing, consulting, or web design, we’ve assembled the following list of tips and resources.


If you’re searching for a teaching or tutoring job that allows you to teach students online during and after the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll need to turn to higher education websites, job boards, and colleges and universities.

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If you’re new to freelance marketing, online job boards can be a great starting point as you build and expand your client base.

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As you get ready to search for new consulting clients amid the coronavirus pandemic, take some time to perfect your portfolio, request testimonials from former clients, and visit online job boards to find out which companies are hiring.

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Web Design

To build your list of web design clients, you could respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), apply for postings through job board sites, or cold pitch your proposals and ideas via email.

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Things to Consider as You Start Working from Home

Whether you’ll be teaching students online or crafting social media content for various clients, you’ll need a designated workspace and plenty of motivation to succeed as an independent contractor. The following resources will teach you everything you need to know about working remotely and creating the perfect home workspace for your lifestyle.

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Now that you have the knowledge you need to reach new clients in the age of the coronavirus, it’s time to start pitching your ideas and responding to job postings. When the coronavirus crisis ends and the rest of the world returns to the workplace, you’ll still be growing your client list from home and enjoying the many wonderful benefits of self-employment.