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Andy and Murray catch up over a virtual coffee

Murray on 6prog

Hey Murray, Good to see you albeit virtually. What's new?

Hello Andy, After over 20 years business/change management experience in investment banking, I'm currently on a career break but keeping busy with volunteer work for the NHS and a local food bank.

Sounds like you have utilised your commercial skills in a positive way. Tell me a bit more

The food bank work is very interesting and has certainly allowed me to utilise my management and process change experience. The charity has collection points at local supermarkets which is then collected into the hub where food parcels are assembled and delivered to vulnerable and/or self-isolating people. Referrals come from a variety of government agencies and other charities.

What feedback have you had?

Our end clients are enormously grateful for the service provided and it is without doubt the most satisfying work I have ever done. However, it doesn't pay the bills so while I intend to continue volunteering I am keen to get back into the workplace.

Any issues or challenges?

Charity work has many of the same challenges as a more regular work environment but the greatest challenge is the fact that all the people involved are volunteers and while most are brilliant, there is an occasional reliability issue. This is hard to overcome but we worked to ensure we had contingency plans and good communication channels for all staffing issues.

What aspect of the operation are you most proud of?

The whole food bank operation was mobilised in two weeks and quickly grew to providing over 1,000 parcels per week.

What did you do before volunteering?

I worked as a business/change manager for a large investment bank in Hong Kong.

Who is Murray outside of work?

I think I've covered my charitable work but I also enjoy playing hockey (badly), cooking (and eating) and reading.

What does the next phase look like, commercially speaking?

Ideally I'd like to use the skills acquired in a different sector but I'm not averse to a return to the financial sector.

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