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Interview with Nicole from Growth Through Knowledge.

Hey Nicole, What's happening?

Hi Andy, I've recently been focusing my efforts on raising the profile of Growth Through Knowledge - something I started way back in 2005, aimed at helping small businesses to save time and money by working smarter, not harder.

That sounds interesting. Tell me a bit more

Over time I've developed a broader skillset in business analysis, so now I offer a wider range of services like streamlining operational processes, finding the best digital tools for your particular needs, or showing you the art of the possible with solutions you may already have like Microsoft 365.

Growth Through Knowledge

What feedback have you had?

I recently helped someone find a CRM - I narrowed down a list of options for him based on what he needs to achieve including integrations with existing tools - saving him valuable time looking at things that would have never worked for him. He's so happy with the results that he wants to give me a demo if it once its fully up and running!

Any issues or challenges?

It's hard to articulate what I can do in writing, so I'm also considering some 'did you know?' style videos to demonstrate the art of the possible. I had a good reaction to a live demonstration I did earlier this year on how to use Microsoft Teams as a PMO hub, so trying to learn from that.

What aspect of the business are you most proud of?

They didn't realise just how much they would be able to achieve using the digital toolset they already had in place - so they are each very happy that they've managed to solve their challenge with such a minimal increase in overall operating costs!

What did you do before Growth Through Knowledge?

I moved on from permanent roles in operational data analytics into being a sole trader; I'm also co-director of a limited company which specialises in digital marketing and e-commerce. I've supplemented those with contract-based roles for corporates across business and IT change over the past 10 years, with roles in PMO and business analysis.

Why the change?

I grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs - no one in my family was employed by a big company. Some employed others, many did it all themselves.
All worked incredibly hard, but didn’t necessarily have an opportunity to find out how to work smarter. I wanted to change that, and I still do.

Who is Nicole outside of work?

I am a massive motorsports fan, particularly F1. I am seldom happier than in a car or beside a racetrack!
I have two boys now entering their teenage years; one who shares my passion for motorsport and races karts, the other a budding engineer and scientist. I missed a lot of their early years through contracting, which is also a big motivator for doing things differently going forward.
I'm involved with several initiatives aimed at encouraging women in STEM subjects, especially as my own experiences in education meant overcoming several barriers to studying IT.

What does the future look like for Growth Through Knowledge?

Increasing awareness, broadening my network, listening to feedback, refining my service offerings. All the usual challenges of running a small business!As small business owners, we can't do everything ourselves; I'm keen to collaborate with others in the 6Prog network to refer business or co-deliver services. Do connect with me via the platform and/or on LinkedIn so we can best support each other.

If you're interested in joining our team, please do reach out!

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