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How to work outside of IR35

Generally the ‘key’ areas for IR35 are considered to be mutuality of obligation, direction and control and substitution. How do you demonstrate these things?

A contract - it has these terms! MOO, direction and Control and Right of substitution (unfettered) can all be written in, and often are. Usually you get your agreement after meeting and discussing what the project is about.

Ok good. How about action?

Let me explain:

On 6prog, clients and suppliers are in control of who they connect with. There is no mediator, no chain or hierarchy.

Businesses can hold relationships with as many suppliers as required and work with the business representative or invite a substitute to deliver the engagement.

There is no hidden margin, just a services fee payable by all parties, because businesses who trade on 6prog are equal. There is no ‘master’ client and therefore no implication of an employees-employee relationship.

Agreements are set up for a duration relevant to the objective. We suggest users make the most of creating new projects in an agile manner … write down what you are doing for the immediate future (1-3 months) and create the next phase as the details come into view.

This system gives all parties trading authority, teaming, or deliverables-based agreements (SoW) on 6prog.

So to summarise, the best way to work outside of IR35 is to actually be outside of IR35. This means the relationship and the supporting paperwork.

You don’t need to use 6prog but given it’s inexpensive and is readily available to use... ... ...

Be outside IR35