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Honestly it's just business

The results were interesting. Ostensibly I was trying to establish if 6prog should run an offer for our members who promote the brand.

6prog isn’t expensive so it’s hard to carve out an offer to businesses that means much. A free week to the average £500/a day contractor is worth about £75. That’s on top of the other free stuff we do too!

Anyway, my two questions were to suppliers and to clients and to ask if it matters how one is employed. I use the word employed purposely because that is how it can appear on Linkedin, and, because of the direct connotations to IR35.

Here are the two questions and the percentage answers:

Question to clients:

I’m trying to select a supplier for a project and I browse the LinkedIn profiles to get a feel for the businesses. I noticed one of the RFP respondents has many more staff than matches their turnover.

Most are contractors and seemingly aren't PAYE consultants ...

Should I care about this 'marketing hack'?

Yes 52%

No 48%

27 votes

Questions to suppliers:

A consultancy wants to look bigger than it is so it asks me to change my 'employer' on LinkedIn to their company.

I haven't actually had a sniff of paid work yet from them...

Should I change my personal brand to support another commercial entity?

Yes 3%

No 97%

94 votes

It would appear there is a ‘Brexit’ response to the first question. Frankly a few percent either side of ‘evens’

However the vote from the freelance community was overwhelmingly not in favour.


There is an accepted reluctance that businesses will subcontract work and that this is no real issue. In fact the added flexibility benefits all parties. There is however a resistance from the supply side to be branded (without pay) as an employee.

Why is this?

I can turn to one quote which neatly sums it up by the infamous Scottish Freedom Fighter

“…they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom…”

Thanks for voting.

[SHUSH- as an aside, 6prog credit is available to businesses who promote the group]

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