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Freelancer101 Event

What is the Future of Work? Join in and listen AND be listened to.

About this Event: Contribute insight and ask questions of other 6prog community members and featured guests who run freelance communities.

Andy to keep the pace fast and talk from Bekka, Adam, Lee, Melanie and Phil with other guests.

Helping CEO's with sleep challenges. COVID helped me to wake up to my bigger calling: to unlock the deeper-rooted nature of sleeplessness. After being approached by numerous business owners facing sleep challenges following lock-down, I decided that with my strong background in mental health and wellbeing that this was the ideal focus. My niche found me! My approach is to make light of dark situations. Not always, but enough to work out who needs it and who isn't ready yet. Looking on the bright side of life and Monty Python have been great teachers. Connect with Adam after the community call at midday on the 1st Sept.

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