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Interview with Nick from DevelopMyTeam

Hey Nick, What's happening?

Hi Andy, We are refining our DevelopMyTeam platform ready for upcoming Beta trials.

The platform provides self assessment survey tools that provide deep insights that support effective development planning for teams and individuals. At the moment we have Procurement surveys in the tool and are in discussions with Strathclyde University to develop Marketing surveys. It's actually very easy to add anybodies bespoke survey in for their personal use as well.

That sounds interesting. Tell me a bit more

Each survey type has 4 defined levels of increasing maturity and the first step is for the client to establish where their business needs their function to be for each dimension. In the case of the Individual survey they can define different levels depending on role type / grade.

The whole team then takes part in the survey defining where they think the team really is. For the Individual survey each individual assesses themselves as does their line manager.

Once the survey is complete a host of reports giving great insights are produced. As well as providing a picture of where the team is vs their targets it really drills down into team dynamics. Do different parts of the team have a different view, different roles, different lengths of service ; do the leadership team think the same as the team as a whole. On the Individual survey you'll see how aligned the team is with their line managers as well.

Of course the final part of the jigsaw is to be able to use that information and develop targeted development plans for the team and individuals.

What feedback have you had?

Very positive particularly around the ease of use and flexibility the tool has. We're concerned with having a tool that helps individual organisations rather than being too concerned about benchmarking the same survey across large number of users. This allows us to flex the content of the surveys to individual needs. People also like the depth of insight the tool gives them through the variety of reports / graphs that are generated in the end.

It's not without it's challenges though. For example, the challenge of just developing a software platform has been greater than we would have expected before starting the journey. Luckily our main developer likes a test and has proven highly resilient! The other dynamic is that because we have built a flexible tool so when we demo it people often see angles that we see as probably further down the track. Of course every change / add on does add time to the development so we need to be disciplined about developing the core product in the knowledge that we can develop in other directions at a later date.

What aspect of the business are you most proud of?

It has been a boot strapping approach which does require a level of resilience as it can be frustrating not to be able to move as quickly as you'd like at times. So the fact that we have got to the stage where we have a really good product that external clients can now use is something I'm particularly proud of.

What did you do before building DevelopMyTeam?

My background is Procurement and in recent years I have been operating on a consultancy basis across a number of clients covering anything from cost reduction programmes through to supplier management and process improvement programmes.

Sounds like you already knew what the industry needed?

Ultimately it is a survey tool and there are a variety of survey tools out there. However I'm not aware of others that have the flexibility ours does when it comes to business - specialist functions in particular. We have procurement surveys in place and will develop a number of other non procurement surveys using the functionality we have that also allows teams to simply use their own predefined survey if they have one. We also think the aforementioned depth of reports are very strong when compared to other offerings in the market.

What do you do outside of work?

Sport and Music are my main interests

What does the future look like for DevelopMyTeam?

The next phases are getting as many teams as possible through the platform and developing the non procurement side as well - our collaboration with Strathclyde University Business School is behind that phase. We also need to enhance our white label offering. Currently a.n.other provider can be set up with a completely separate instance with a home page containing their branding and customised content.

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