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The future of work is remote work

The future of work is remote work

A lot of industries have seen monumental shifts in how their workforces are located. With the CoronaVirus pandemic, companies where their workers can work remotely have been forced into this growing phenomenon to allow their employees to work from home.

While some companies such as wordpress have been almost fully remote since their existence, most companies have shied away from this experiment. After all, it is a valid claim that many new and innovative company ideas happen over lunch in the cafeteria or while at the water cooler. In addition, business owners have always had the old-school thinking that if they can see their workforce physically at their desks for 8+ hours a day, they must be productive.

While some businesses will inevitably return to that old-school approach, many companies such as google and facebook are leaning into a new workforce model where their employees can work remotely all across the globe.

Finally, more emphasis will be placed on productivity and less on hours logged at your desk. And with this new-found freedom that so many employees find themselves in, they will need to adapt to a new working from home setup.

Our advice to this new population of remote workers: Firstly, invest in your long term success by setting up boundaries between your time at home versus your time in your home office. And secondly, lean into setting up your home office on a budget to prepare yourself for the long haul of remote work. You’ll be glad you did.