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Interview with Melanie from Trevisan who help you on Linkedin

Hey Melanie, What's happening?

Hi Andy, Well, this week, in addition to our usual LinkedIn lead generation work for clients, I'm consulting with participants of #LinkedInMastery2020, our online LinkedIn training course and writing an article for The Entrepreneur.

That sounds interesting. Tell me a bit more

#LinkedInMastery2000? It's an online training course designed for professionals who want to make the most of the world’s largest professional networking site. By the end of this course participants feel confident about developing a personal or commercial LinkedIn presence that delivers results in a timely and effective way. It's all online and can be followed at your own pace so fits in with each person's individual schedule.

What feedback have you had?

This is my latest testimonial from a current participant:
'I have been a proactive LinkedIn user for some years now and thought I had a fair handle on it. However, the recent lockdown has made many more people proactive with LinkedIn so I thought I would 'sharpen the saw' and sign up for Melanie's LinkedIn course.
Wow-A real eye opener and well worthwhile! Thanks Melanie' - Joe Capaldi - CEO at Capaldi Financial

Any issues or challenges?

It took ,longer than anticipated to launch as LinkedIn made some changes to the platform but these have now been incorporated!

What aspect of the business are you most proud of?

We carry out pro bono work every month - search engine optimising the profile of 1 job seeker for free.

What did you do before Trevisan?

I am a lawyer by original profession but spent 8 years as director of the corporate services arm of a law firm in Switzerland carry out business development using social media before launching Trevisan a few years ago.

Sounds like an industry move - why the change?

I saw that there was a gap in the financial services market for quality LinkedIn management and lead generation which is effective and yet non-spammy. We work predominantly with those in fintech, finance, property and consultancy services.

Who is Melanie outside of work?

3 kids and baking!

What does the future look like for Trevision?

Launch of an intense mentoring program for LinkedIn learning. I really enjoy taking people on the journey from a basic almost untouched LinkedIn presence to a search engine optimised profile that delivers results for them.

If you're interested in joining our team, please do reach out!

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