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Interview with David from Launchmappers

Hey David - what is Launch Mappers?

Hey Andy! A growth marketing consultancy powered by freelancers. We map growth strategies and implement them over time with the right subject-matter experts from our team.

That sounds interesting. How does it work?

Launch Mappers is the central brand for all freelancers working with us. That way, we can generate awareness and leads jointly before attributing the work to the right talent in the team.

Most of the clients we work with do not need purely operational help.

Mainly, they need help to understand what they should do operationally. Hence, in the first phase we design a growth strategy that can be implemented and can deliver results for over 6 months before agreeing on a monthly task load with our client to support them with our expertise.

Our 'no employees on payroll' process means we can be always objective with the strategy to conduct with our clients. We do not have staffing requirements like traditional agencies.

What feedback have you had?

Our clients love the approach: we deliver like an agency, yet work like freelancers. It means, we are more involved at the personal level compared to agencies they used to work with. At the same time, our multi-disciplinary team and no retainer approach means they pay a fair price for what they need.

Any issues or challenges? How did you overcome them?

As all service providers, growth is a difficult thing to manage which is funny as we are selling growth services. We value our involvement with each client and we don't want to lose our level of service which is crucial to us. Hence, we are currently working out on generating leads on the go, spending less time on customer acquisition and focusing on existing accounts and warm leads.

What aspect of the business are you most proud of?

The transparency of our approach. Every stakeholder is fully aware of costs, margins and where that money will be put to use.

What did you do before Launch Mappers?

I used to run a freelance marketplace in the UK! I was one of the first employees at that company and saw it go through its scaling phase.

Sounds similar?

My previous experience certainly shaped my vision for Launch Mappers. What I noticed is that our clients not only were looking for talent but they needed to be advised in the process. Back then, it was our capability to advice clients on the direction to take that created faithful customers. It's something that stood with me. Our two phase approach: strategic consulting before hands-on implementation means we are never selling the same thing twice and adapt our work to each new client.

Who is David outside of work?

Huge music fan and practitioner!

What does the future look like for Launch Mappers?

I see us growing our freelance team and perhaps start employing people full-time to manage clients projects and work with me on the strategy side.

If you're interested in joining our team, please do reach out!

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