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Lee Lam talks about the GC Index

What might the GC Index mean for 6prog?

Encouraging freelancers and contractors to know their GC Index to give them an added advantage to other options.

That sounds interesting. How does it work?

The GC Index - or the GameChanger Index is known as an organometric tool - it gives you insight into how you best contribute to a dynamic, whether that it is in a work setting or not. It can be really valuable when trying to tell potential clients what impact you can make on their team or organisation, and many businesses now use it as the tool for recruiting their permanent staff as well.

As a freelancer, you have to have a number of differentiators to your competitors, and to be able to explain the way you will approach the work is a unique but extremely valuable look at your business. Are you the ideas type, who will be able to innovate and drive into disruptive areas? Or are you task and action focused, ready to implement huge programs of transformational work, and even begin to improve on it? These are the two basic concept behind the GC Index and tells you a lot about the delivery of work.

What feedback have you had?

At first, people are a little suspicious of anything that feels like a personality 'test', and they assume that there is a 'winning' type. The beauty of this is that there really isn't. So the greatest feedback I receive is from people who may have counted themselves out of pieces of work because they think of it having to be done by a certain type of person and I'm able to tell them, No, you will just do it differently. Once this is understood, they feel energised that they can explain to clients the way they work and therefore the value they can add - and mean it.

I've also had a lot of people have a lightbulb moment, when they realise that this would explain a lot of the dynamics at home as well - it really is a personal tool!

Any issues or challenges? How did you overcome them?

The biggest one will always be that the closest comparison to the GC Index are psychometric tests, which can be a bit divisive in how useful they can be - and how they are used by businesses. Such tests have their place and can be invaluable, but the GC Index is not like that - because it doesn't really focus on the personality at all. You can have incredibly different people - introverts and extroverts - but they will approach the work in similar ways, making them excellent collaborators. So that can be really important. Although another issue that crops up is that such tests can be used (mistakenly) to 'sort' people and a common mistake is to think that you need to then recruit all of the same type of people. Actually, that is a critical error because what the GC Index shows is that businesses NEED a combination of all of the types to have a fully functioning dynamic of creativity and delivery. The key is the particular configuration within each team or the whole business. As a freelancer, this means that you can pitch for business by saying 'I know that you are looking for this type of characteristic for this piece of work, and I have that ' you can plug the gaps more easily.

What is your favorite thing about the GC Index?

I am most proud of how the tool provides a truly inclusive view - in a world where diversity and inclusion are hot topics, but there are few solutions that work effectively, the Index really stands out - when you look at someone's profile, you are able to see their approach to impact, with no gender, age or race markers - its a truly level experience. I see it as a part of my role to educate businesses to use tools like this to provide a lens of how unconscious bias may be impacting their recruitment and procurement processes.

What other businesses are you working with?

I work in the financial services technology sector for over 20 years, as well as being a coach for the past 14 years. When I started my consultancy, it was my attempt to get businesses to work differently, and the Index remains a strong part of that messaging.

Is The GC Index a psychometric assesment?

Psychometric tests obviously appear similar, but I would argue the Index outshines them, in particular on organisational change and design. I mean, I can take the index and scale it from an individual right up to the whole organisation, helping businesses understand what types will produce the right results for them, where they are needed, and then making sure the right kind of resources are brought in. It is quite something to put a business model through the Index structure, and to have the leadership team where their model is letting them down

Who is Lee outside of work?

I am quite a workaholic, so even when I'm not with clients, I like reading about self development and business strategies - quite sad, really! But my children make sure that I take time off to catch up on the latest computer games out there, and my dog makes sure I get some fresh air every day!

How can The GC Index impact what 6prog is doing?

With regard to the Index, it will be to challenge freelancers and contractors to see this as a win for them - highly transferable, easy to understand it can really help provide an insight to the client. It is also true that more and more organisations are using The GC Index for the permanent hiring processes and as such, if you want to win business from them, this can give a huge advantage over competitors. Getting that message out is the focus for the rest of this year.

I'm excited to be part of the 6Prog journey to giving freelancers more ways to access and win business.

Connect with Lee: on 6prog, or on Linkedin or visit Lee's website

I'm delighted to be partnering with 6Prog to offer the GC Index test at a reduced rate for 6Prog members - 25% off the test with a feedback session.

I'm excited to be part of the 6Prog journey to giving freelancers more ways to access and win business.