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Why the future of work isn’t contract agencies

I talked (and still talk) to a lot of people who have worked through agencies, for agencies and been the customer of agencies. No one has told me the following:The agency helps me out wrt IR35 by promoting me to clients, and is helpful and encouraging that I have more than one client at the same time


I even pushed them for it, and, what they actually said was,

‘The agency is really happy when I just extend - they take me for a beer.’

‘The contract says I cannot have any outside business interests.’

‘Once we place ‘em we don’t need to do much else until renewal.’

‘It’s such a hassle getting a contractor I just want to keep them as long as possible’

Previously I wrote about if the people are the problem or the system. I genuinely believe there are some lovely people working in contract recruitment. Some are my friends. However the system is against them and against the spirit of IR35.

The spirit of IR35 is also questionable BUT if we are to have this policy put upon private enterprises next year we should educate clients as to sensible ways of working.

On suppliers and clients can maintain contact with one another and hold as much work as practically deliverable.

The platform encourages contractors suppliers to have a varied client base.

If your agency does that please message me - I haven't met one yet and the good ones should get recognition. If not, go to 6prog and sign up.

If you are a client wondering how to work next year without having a disgruntled team of people go to I still love freelancers despite IR35 and sign up.

If you are a recruiter: we have space. Join in at 6prog

*I know IR35 is not this simplistic

**This is a marketing piece

***6prog also helps on Direction and control, Substitution, MOO and wasn’t even built for IR35. It’s actually a cost saving tool but hey…