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Hi, Sarah.How are you?

I’m fantastic! Happy to be featured on 6prog.

So are we! What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on launching my virtual assistant business, Ethical Admin. I’m fine-tuning my services in order to better serve busy entrepreneurs and determining how I can best support them during expansion. 

Sarah recently launched Ethical Admin to support busy entrepreneurs during expansion.

So I can get an EA (Exec Assistant) from EA?

Yes! Being an entrepreneur is an amazing feeling that comes with a huge amount of responsibility! I help you free up your time to focus on the most important stuff – following your vision, getting customers, and growing your business. A lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t realise how much time is spent working on mundane tasks such as answering emails, posting on social media, researching the right software for the company or even just booking the best deal on a hotel and flight package for their next conference. These things may seem like small potatoes but they all add up and take up precious time from your day! As I say, time is money, and I’m here to help both of them go further. 

What initial feedback have you had?

I’ve worked with several local start-ups in my area and have witnessed first hand just how chaotic launching a business can be, and often this can wreak havoc on your personal life with work-related stress spilling over to family dinner time. This was the case with one CEO but after witnessing an inbox go from a thousand emails to a daring thirty over the course of a week had him singing my praises! He was no longer suffering from email PTSD!

Any issues?

When you are essentially acting as the extension of the CEO and representing their new business you can run into trust issues, which is understandable. It takes time to build trust and to let someone else take over the reins for a little while. That’s why before I take on any client I have them fill out a survey to assess their needs as well as a free phone consultation. You have to make sure that you’re both a good fit for each other on both a professional and personal level. Your personalities have to somewhat match up. 

What aspect of the business are you most proud of?

I am proud to help my clients achieve not only their professional goals but to pave the way to the work-life balance they crave. 

Time is money, and I’m here to help both of them go further

What do you see as the next phase for Ethical Admin?

The next phase of Ethical Admin is to begin specializing in ethical and eco-friendly companies as well as nonprofits. I believe in an ethical, trusted approach to business that balances principles and profitability. A well-run organization can be a force for good, and together we can create a better business and a better world.

What did you do before Ethical Admin?

Prior to Ethical Admin, I worked as an executive assistant to the CEO of three separate eco-conscious and community-focused startups. I began working with the CEO when our office was just a small basement inside a rented townhouse. I wore many different hats and we all worked long hours. It was inspiring to watch a simple idea grow into a thriving business, and finally a much larger and more appropriate office.

Sounds like a similar offering? How have you improved on that model with the start of Ethical Admin?

I have learned a lot in the last two years regarding my profession. I have used this knowledge to perfect my own workflow allowing me to create more efficient and practical systems. My goal is to tailor them to my client and their specific field of business.

I’ve become extremely resourceful and understand the value of implementing daily routines allowing me to stay focused and mentally strong.

You can reach out to Sarah via Linkedin and 6prog to discuss requirements of your business.