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Interview | Naki Kaddu helping startups and football clubs

Good to see you Andy, I’m well thanks! I am currently working with 2 startups.

FenaPay who are looking to develop and market a P2P solution for online consumers.

The other is a Sericulture Farm start up in East Africa who are seeking investment and need support with their business plan and funding proposals.

That sounds interesting. What are you helping with?

FenaPay need a business analyst to help them develop and design the product workflow and UX. We will be following an agile methodology to develop and refine the product. Rwentuha Sericulture Farm, Western Uganda are setting up a silk rearing farm and want to source seed funding for their start up. They want to use my services as well as network to source the appropriate investors.

Any challenges? How did you overcome them?

Challenges with the sericulture project is the remote working and access to technology for the client during lock down. Uganda has a strict curfew at the moment and the population have to pay tax for mobile data, so long calls or access to social media is proving difficult for the client to access.

We have established one weekly call to maintain momentum and share feedback.

What aspect of these clients business are you most proud of?

Both clients are working within uncertain times but have tremendous passion in their visions and both see opportunities for their individual market sectors as a result of COVID-19 impact.

What did you do before this?

Before these clients I worked within the Insurance industry for Legal and General, supporting a large commercial change Programme in delivering a new business providing Equity release and Lifetime mortgage services.

Why have you taken this direction?

I believe my skills and services are transferable. Whilst I am not an expert in any specific product, I do have an entrepreneurial spirit, I can take complex problems and translate them into small clearly defined solutions.

I have cultivated a breadth of experience in change, mergers and acquisitions across different industries including not for profit and even supported sole traders.

I remember you help a few charities?

Yes, outside of work I volunteer my time for a not for profit organisation whose beneficiaries are based in a rural part of eastern Uganda. They use sport as an educational tool (Chess, Football and Boxing).

What do you see as the next phase for your business?

Supporting businesses transform the way their operations, people and processes need to work especially as a result of COVID-19. It is also an exciting time for new business especially in Agriculture I believe.

I think that’s great – thanks so much for talking with me.

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