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Interview | The Heart Guy talks partnerships and networking

Hello. How are you Adam? What are you working on?

Hi Andy, really well. I’m working on a new partnership business model to shake up the events and network marketing industries.

That sounds interesting. How will it work?

Through monthly events and online support in between we will keep all of our members accountable to making progress with their own upskilling and community building activity.

Have you started sharing this with many people? What responses are you getting?

It’s new… I am still in the process of putting together the fine tuning of this model but from all of those I have spoken to so far the feedback is very positive.

That’s great to hear. Any issues or challenges to overcome?

The biggest challenge was getting my own mindset right to see how this vision can be realised and believe that this is possible.

I imagine that is something that will resonate with many people who are starting a new venture! This isn’t the first time you have started a business though. What aspect of doing business are you most proud of?

The kudos that I have gained from running an alternative business network and model. Sharing my passion for building real relationships with my members on both a business and personal basis.

What other careers have you had?

I have had careers in catering, banking, nursing and corporate finance. I then went on to run several events to help people to upskill themselves, improve their confidence, resilience and public speaking skills.

Sounds like a varied background? I imagine there are many transferable skills or experiences that compliment the new venture? Why have you taken this direction?

I have spent years working behind the scenes with various event organisers. Witnessing the pitfalls, fall-outs and not so ethical aspects of many event-based businesses. This idea is the synthesis of seeing what works, and what doesn’t. There is nothing like this that I know out there.

I recall you are involved in some charities

Yes, I am an Ambassador for The School of Hard Knocks – a sport-based charity that uses rugby and boxing to build the confidence of those who are struggling to get jobs. I also love to travel.

Many years before it became ‘cool’ I did walking coaching with people to clarify and simplify their message through working on energy and confidence.

On that new business… what do you see as the first phase?

Building the community. Events, events and more events to bring great people together and grow as a team.

This is an opportunity to build speaking skills and build teams, forming a significant other stream of income for my members, who earn 50% of all membership fees for those who they invite along that sign up.

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