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Initiative | Be Kind Today

Today we are talking with Lee from Lee Lam Consultancy who launched an initiative called Be Kind Today

Lee, why did you start Be Kind Today?

As someone who works with those struggling with various mental health concerns, as well as someone who suffers from the occasional bout of anxiety, I found that a lot of the information around mental health and various conditions is getting quite complicated and feels too difficult to navigate. Consequently, people suffering from mental challenges feel anxious about social interaction in case they do or say something wrong, and people who want to support mental health sufferers are also anxious to interact for fear of doing or saying something wrong. So I wanted to take the conversation back to basics! What started out was my own take on a critical subject has turned into something much bigger than I could have imagined!

You don’t need to know why others need your compassion and empathy for their mental health. You just need to know that they would appreciate it.

What does Be Kind Today do?

The premise is really simple. You can get a badge that you can wear either as a mental health sufferer – this helps remind those you interact with to give you some kindness, patience or understanding. The badge is deliberately a call to action. As a mental health ally, you can wear the badge to demonstrate your willingness to support others, and your commitment to remembering that to be kind to someone else is to recognise that they matter to you.

Those who are kind feel better about the world and their place in it. Those who receive kindness, even those smallest of gestures, are also given hope.

Why it is good?

The feedback we have received has been overwhelming, with mental health sufferers feeling that this is a simple but really effective way for them to go out into the world. Not everyone wants or needs a full description of whatever condition you have, or you don’t want to have to tell people any details, but they still need to be aware that you would appreciate some sensitivity or kindness. But it has also taken off in ways we couldn’t have anticipated, and is used to help people coping with grief, or children dealing with bullying. Most importantly, people wearing the badges are finding that it is a really simple but powerful way of starting a conversation – of opening up about supporting one another and seeing how important it is to feel part of a group of people who want to support you.

How can people get involved?

There are a few ways to get involved with the campaign. First things first – you can request or buy a badge and show your support that way! There are also t-shirts that you can purchase which help us provide more badges to those who need them most. And if you are able to contribute to the campaign, it helps us get more badges out to more people.

The campaign’s success means that we are desperately trying to fulfil a backlog, so any support that can be given is very gratefully received! To join go to BeKindToday