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Volker, how are you?

I am good, given the circumstances around Covid19 at the moment. But we are well and keeping safe, and there is a lot to be grateful for.

What are you working on at the moment?

Whilst I am still contracting as a business consultant in the digital industry, working on partnerships and commercial roles, positioning companies and coaching business owners, I run another business on the side.

That is my own business called Ballueder Partners which focuses on transformational coaching, transforming lives, careers and businesses. This is anything from career coaching for individuals, business coaching for owners, but also mindfulness trainings for corporates.

That sounds interesting. Tell me some more?

Mindfulness helps to reduce stress and become a better employer and employee. We see great results with changing leadership for the better and improving productivity in the workplace, making them better places to work too. Coaching helps you to be better in your career, or as a business owner to gain a perspective how to position your company, and get through these difficult times. We all come out at the other end, but you want to be ready.

From my consulting business, if you have the need for a German/English bilingual person to help you with any business development or commercial or strategic challenges, just give me a shout!

There is no more satisfaction than helping people and companies in these difficult times and being able to offer a sounding board, reflection and a way forward.

Volker Ballueder

What aspect of are you most proud of?

The ability to help people and make a positive difference. I enjoy seeing others flourish and doing well.

Building long and deep relationships is important to me. Before launching this business I have had commercial and client success as well as operational roles in digital marketing for over 15 years.

Sounds like a different offering? How have you changed that model with Ballueder Partners?

At the moment I am transitioning, so working part time in the industry whilst launching Ballueder Partners. However, I got into personal development over 20 years ago. I never stopped developing and wrote two books.

The second book I wrote on the back of my podcast Stories of Success where I interviewed successful people about their success principles. I always coached and helped

Awesome stuff. Who is Volker outside of work?

My passion is helping people, so I make my passion my profession. I do love technology though and have a family; living in the South Downs I enjoy the outdoors, and good food and wine.

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