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Insurtech innovators Dinghy announce partnership with consultancy disruptors 6prog

Change is afoot. Employment as we once knew it is on the way out. The worker of today – and tomorrow – is here.

The modern freelancer is agile and adaptive, and they require any companies that support them to be the same.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce our partnership with 6prog. Both companies intuitively understand the needs of the freelance workforce, as well as the need to evolve the mechanisms which support it.

It’s essential that today’s self-employed are able to quickly access their work, and to have adequate insurance protection whilst they do so – and all in manner which suits them, and reflects the way they work. No one-off annual payments. No huge lump sums. Just cover when and where you need it.

Who are Dinghy?

For freelancers, by freelancers. That’s Dinghy in a nutshell.

Its goal? To make insurance cheaper, faster, and fairer. Dinghy’s ground-breaking approach offers flexible, on-demand insurance cover exclusively to freelancers. By allowing them to reduce premiums when they aren’t working, freelancers only need to pay for the coverage they really need.

6prog CEO Andy Barnes has been a fan of Dinghy for some time: “I’ve used Dinghy myself. They’re breaking new ground in an industry which has traditionally been slow to catch up. Having experienced what they offer first-hand, I can confidently say that their understanding of the freelance workforce is second-to-none. All of us at 6prog are delighted at the partnership.”

Who are 6prog? The New Contract Recruitment Process

What better way to improve something than to know it inside out? A truly multinational venture, 6prog was founded by friends from Brighton and Los Angeles. Having experienced recruiting, been recruited themselves, and worked as a recruitment partner, the brains behind 6prog saw the need for improvement.

It’s an indisputable fact that things work better when they function most effectively. And it’s no different for recruitment. 6prog encourages clear communication between recruiters, project managers and freelancers, alongside ensuring fair payment and fair charges. Their workflow links a PM and a freelancer directly – allowing them to talk business without all the interference.

I love what 6prog are doing. Breaking down barriers and encouraging efficiency and equality creates a better environment for all involved. The future of work depends on fluidity and instant action, and 6prog are doing exactly that. We’re very pleased to have them on board.
Dorian Zanker, Dinghy CEO