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What is a digital technology consultancy? - Andy Ross from Gravity9 explains

Hi Andy. How are you?

Really good thanks. Enjoying the challenge of starting a new business!

What are you working on at the mo?

Along with some former colleagues we have launched a new digital technology consultancy called Gravity 9. As a group we worked together at a previous consultancy called Infusion that was sold to Avanade (Accenture / Microsoft joint venture).

Listening to clients we realised that large organisations were desperately trying to create new digital products and services, but struggling.

Often CIO’s were at the forefront of developing new software products, but the organisations moved slowly, didn’t have the right skills in modern product development or software engineering.

Organisations see large Technology Consultancies as part of the problem and so are looking for new era firms to inject the rights skills, knowledge and culture in helping them to rapidly develop new digital software products.

We ourselves are a start up and so that in itself has been a fantastic journey, landing our first four customers and building a team of almost 20 people!

Congrats – fast growth! That sounds interesting. What initial feedback have you had?

The proposition lands really well as CIO’s and big organisations are all wrestling with the same challenge of how they speed up their digital transformation. In consulting the proof is in being asked back to do more work and being recommended to other clients. So far we have won lots of repeat business and been introduced to all our clients through referrals from people we have delivered excellent work for.

Any issues?

Hiring good people! We have an incredibly high bar for the skills and attitudes of the people we hire. We are a people business and so it is vital that every hire improves us as a team and helps us raise the bar.

We are also a very distributed company, with clients across the US and Europe, and with our own teams in the UK, Poland and Ireland. We are trying to figure out how best to get the remote teams working seamlessly.

What aspect of Gravity9 are you most proud of?

Launching a new consultancy and in a matter on months having four clients and almost 20 staff. It has been an exhilarating ride!


What do you see as the next phase for Gravity9?

We have software engineering and digital design practices and our ambition is to launch a data science practice. Our clients are asking for help in this area and it neatly complements the work we deliver.

What did you do before Gravity9?

I was the UK Managing Director for a consultancy called Infusion and post-acquisition I led Avanade’s Capital Markets business.

Sounds like a similar offering? How have you improved on that model with the start of Gravity9?

Clients want smaller teams of smart talented people working closely with them when developing new digital products. That is hard for the large technology consultancies to do.

This work stuff is great but who is Andy Ross when not at work?

I have five wonderful kids that keep me busy! I love sport: playing and watching! I am also heavily involved in the church I go to in Central London. That means I have something for the soul as well as the body!