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What tips have you for contractors?


All companies have aspirations to hire the top talent. Their marketing tells you this often but being top talent doesn’t mean the role or team is right for you. Take time to research the company before you meet them to confirm their expectations align with yours

Be flexible

Generally we have an idea of what work we want to do from experience. This can be a negative job search in that “I know what I don’t want to do”.

When looking again, take a step back and evaluate all options, not just in the field you have already played in.

Be honest

Keep straight with the client because it’s impossible to draw someone back to a process after mistrust has crept in.

Be fast

Speed of turnaround is a good indicator as to the appetite you have for a business. Don’t let someone else beat you to a role because they were a bit more organised or a bit more available to move the process forward.

Keep your documents and processes in line

Have paperwork ready to start a job. You will need a scan of your ID and an available CV. Potentially set up an additional email account to keep all your recruitment conversations separate to your personal ones.

Keep communication levels high

In line with setting up a new email account you should also check your social profiles. Do they all make sense? Are they accurate and up-to-date?