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The client, a UK based asset manager was going through a period of significant transformation and changing its Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcer (IT/BPO), affecting >4,500 employees. To achieve this transformation on time and at minimum risk they needed to identify all software licences, validate they were still in use and transfer them to the new IT/BPO. Both the software asset register and the contract database was out of date, with patchy coverage. The task given was to locate all in-use software licences and negotiate their transfer to the new IT/BPO provider against a tight timescale with a fixed service commencement date!


Over a period of nine months I developed and executed a plan to identify all user applications, ensure through discussion with the users that they were still in use, locate the licence terms and negotiate the transfer the rights to the new IT/BPO.

To achieve a change management programme of this scale and risk I had to identify all in-use user applications, discover any territorial changes to the location of users, amend any warranties and liabilities, and negotiate any cost to change.

First: Working with the design team I identified all current in use user applications and business process suppliers. I then interrogated the contract register for all the associated software licences or service contracts. This presented the first hurdle as the contract register was out of date and had significant gaps.

Second: To complete the picture I had to trace the software licences or service contracts through the client organisation and where that still did not provide an answer, through to the supplier itself. Once I had the necessary software licences or service contracts, I undertook a detailed review of existing documentation and identified any gaps and identified any points that needed changing to fit the new IT/BPO.

Third: Armed with the original documentation and the new requirements, I negotiated the revisions to the software licence or service contract terms and financial requirements to satisfy the operating model of the new IT/BPO.

Finally: Throughout detailed reporting to the programme management was necessary to monitor progress, identify obstacles and highlight risks that would need to be managed in order that migration could take place without any infraction of the terms of the software licence or service contracts.


I left the firm after 9 months having successfully completed this project leaving a structured handover file with copies of all original documentation, key additional documents and all new agreements. This file formed the basis of a new software licence and service contract register which was complete, reliable and up to date which the new IT/BPO firm used as their primary risk management tool.