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6prog consultants | Productivity Case Study by Jeff from Oramoss

The challenge

The client, an international Pharmaceutical retail business, was creating a global cloud centric data & analytics platform with a view to consolidating multiple existing analytics platforms into one central capability. Although the existing team had strength in data and infrastructure architecture they were lacking depth in data engineering and Microsoft Azure cloud skills.

What we did

The initial platform was designed around an Oracle database running on virtualised Linux running in Microsoft Azure with Wherescape for Modelling and ELT and over the first six months I led the Data Engineering aspects to deliver multiple projects onto the platform.At this time the client then signed a large deal to use Microsoft Azure cloud exclusively and the consequent “Microsoft First” strategy led to a pivot in strategy and a migration from the Oracle/Wherescape environment to Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse (now Azure Synapse), Azure Data Lake, Cognitive Services and Azure Data Factory over a twelve month period, with numerous projects to migrate existing capabilities as well as develop new ones. As part of the process a Continuous Integration/Deployment model was implemented using Azure DevOps to ensure the continuous delivery of value to the business.


The platform now has a global user base in the hundreds, saving the business millions through capabilities such as master data management, sales tracking, merchandise management and customer feedback analytics.