​Speed up processing time in contract recruitment.
Search Recruiters to find freelancers.
Freelancers join with your industry Recruiters

What is the 6prog Network

  • 6prog members use the network to create a useful book of contacts. For Recruiters this means more projects opportunities; for freelancers this means more variety of client work. For project owners this means a great flexible workforce is curated. Members can view the cards of others and request being added to their 'people' tab.

Networkers and Recruiters create your biography for the network. Project Managers

Connecting People

​Connecting People

​6prog’s network connects project managers and recruiters. Project Managers can review the profiles of recruiters and select ones suitable to their project. The recruiter responds with three freelancer options.

The Project Manager can review and invite recruiters to opportunities where recruiters can earn money whilst Project Managers get the best Freelancers.

​Using the Network

Put together a strong profile. Your profile is the first impression and we all know how important those can be! Input your social media points showing your best side and most recent experience.