Freelancers deliver work on a contract basis for companies and organisations often via their own limited company.
We come in all shapes and sizes and from different industries. We may be called consultants, temps, interims, locums, supply or freelancer but the key point is we run our own business.
Have you done it before or are you a first timer? Is it right for you? Let's find out.

Matthew Todd is the founder of Fluent Forward, a business that specialises in helping contractors & freelancers scale into a consulting model, gain product clarity, and grow their businesses. If you are tired of going contract to contract, working with one client at a time, but not sure how to develop the right business model and structure for you then let's chat. You don't need to hire staff to have a more scalable business. We just need to work out how to best leverage your time and skills and put the right model in place.
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If you have found your way here you are probably at that point where you need to make some decisions about what comes next for you. Should you get another job, should you go freelance or maybe do something different altogether. The good news is that the choice is yours, but how do you make that choice? Bekka works with experts like you as they make that decision and step into their leadership. Book a free consult call with Bekka and see if freelancing is for you.
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Lee delivers strategic and operational advice to small businesses and start ups. The GC Index is one of the tools she utilises in her contractor toolkit programme and mention 6prog for 25% off the price. The GameChanger Index gives you insight into how you best contribute to a dynamic, whether that it is in a work setting or not. It can be really valuable when trying to tell potential clients what impact you can make on their team or organisation.
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Trevisan Coaching on Linkedin for professionals who want to make the most of the world’s largest professional networking site. By the end of this course you should feel confident about developing a personal or commercial LinkedIn presence that delivers results in a timely and effective way.
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Helping CEO's with sleep challenges. COVID helped me to wake up to my bigger calling: to unlock the deeper-rooted nature of sleeplessness. After being approached by numerous business owners facing sleep challenges following lock-down, I decided that with my strong background in mental health and wellbeing that this was the ideal focus. My niche found me! My approach is to make light of dark situations. Not always, but enough to work out who needs it and who isn't ready yet. Looking on the bright side of life and Monty Python have been great teachers.
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The Freelance Way is THE business book for independent professionals. It presents the best available and fully up-to-date freelance know-how, compiled from hundreds of quality sources, including surveys, the latest market data, advice from top experts, as well as real-life experiences and stories from hundreds of professionals in different fields and countries, which makes the book highly relevant to freelancers worldwide.
The most comprehensive book for freelancers ever written — Packed with proven freelance know-how, including advice from world-class experts like David Allen, Adam Grant, Austin Kleon, and David H. Hansson.
Robert Vlach

You want to go freelance. You want to make your career work for you, on your terms and determined by your own definition of success. You want autonomy, flexibility and variety. But where do you start?In The Freelance Bible , award-winning entrepreneur and freelancer, Alison Grade, guides you through absolutely everything that you need to know to start your successful self-employed life.
'Finally! The book that millions of people have been crying out for. An empowering guide of how to use your work to achieve independence, inspiration and - crucially - balance ' Bruce Daisley, author of The Joy of Work and VP, Twitter
Alison Grade

This is an information-packed resource for contractors, freelancers, and interim professionals in all sorts of industries. This includes IT, engineering, management consultancy, oil and gas, law, finance, and other industry sectors. The website has articles covering almost very aspect of running your own business along with a forum to post questions.
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​What is IR35 or OP21?

Off Payroll

​IR35 and OP21 are used as shorthand for the UK tax legislation that is designed to identify contractors and businesses who are avoiding paying the appropriate tax by working as 'disguised' employees; or, are engaging workers on a self-employed basis to 'disguise' their true employment status.
Working with 6prog puts you on a perfect footing to engage with other businesses.

IR35 Tools and community to support your business

Our unique setup means you and the client arrange the project together.
You have the right of substitution which helps with IR35/OP21 and can undertake projects as part of a team.
We charge you according to paid work you generate through the platform - everything else is free.
Mutuality of obligation applies as you can continue to create new agile contracts or discontinue services for that client as your company chooses.
6prog actively encourages your business to hold multiple clients.

​Why is a contract important?

Contract agreements

​Whether you’re delivering a simple logo design project or a two year change programme, you should have a contract for the work.
Established freelancers will tell you that a formal agreement both eliminates frustrations [should the project not go well] and sets a tone for how a client works. 6prog makes this process easy by setting out the following in each contract:

  • Explanation of what the project is about
  • Give a deadline for the stages of the project’s completion
  • Inside scope? [list it] Outside scope? [list it too]
  • Explain how project will be broken down into milestones
  • Clear costs per deliverable
  • Easy updates and change requests

How 6prog helps

​6prog provides you with a shareable Profile, proposals generator and more. For example: we will work with you to produce a case study to advertise your business.
Businesses are increasingly defining work on an output basis which makes flexibility more attractive than employer-employee models.
6prog will help you win more opportunities for your business.