​Join 6prog to deal directly with project managers
and extend your contact book
further in the Network.

It’s how it should be.

​6prog Freelancer Benefits

​Contracts and Payments

​Clear and easy payments - timesheets, invoices and payments are linked in 6prog. Freelancers can view up to date details of authorised timesheets and when payments have been sent to you via BACS.

As a business owner you are responsible for all TAX contributions required by your local government.

​Join 6prog to let your clients (new and old) know they can hire you directly via 6prog. Connect with recruiters to extend your reach.

​Making the process easy

If you know your Project Manager already and need an engagement model, 6prog is a fast on-boarding tool. Sign in and register your company details, agree terms with your client, create timesheets… it's all online and often automated.

Fair Policies

6prog believes in fair charging policies. No fees are payable upfront. Each member pays a 3% transaction fee whether they are buying or selling services.
There is an equitable relationship between all members. 6prog software releases will benefit all members and all will receive the same level of dedication from our development centre and support teams.

Clear Communication

The dashboard shows you the status and latest updates to the engagement. Project Managers and Freelancers can keep on top of the virtual paper trail, eliminating misinterpretation when communication goes via multiple channels. Similarly, renewals are simple and can be carried out in app; Android or Apple. Keep it simple. Agreed something with your client? Add it to the 6prog Dashboard!

You no longer have to chase agents to find out information such as end date, days used up from PO or day rate. It is all available on mobile or desktop in the Dashboard 24/7.